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Super meaningful project for the Caramel Roze community💟. The nickname "BABIIEZ" has been used since the beginning of Caramel Roze on Instagram🌍

Over the years we have gathered over 20,000 Babiiez, some have been here since the first day on August 17, 2017 & some have been here for a few weeks! The term Babiiez was used in one of my songs in honor of a community that is hard to beat😫😭🥰.


👚 A "BABIIEZ CLUB" embroidery on the front!

👚An "August 17, 2017" patch on the front pocket!

👚The writing on the Hoodie is my actual handwriting.

👚Design by Caramel Roze Inc.

👚Made by Melodic Merchandise

👚Blank Hoodie made in Honduras

👚Design & conception made in Canada 🤓🥰

👚50% cotton, 50% polyester

❗️*Embroidery & patch are not the same quality because they are not made the same way, embroidery is + high end ( Precise)🤍.

Melodic Merchandise & Caramel Roze is always working to optimize their textile creation techniques!

Thank you for encouraging us🙏🏻.