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FACE GUM 100% Natural & 100% Vegan🐻.

Based on sugar & Jojoba beads 🥇

🍶: White glass jar, 50 gr.

The exfoliator is necessary to the routine because the soap does not replace its function, the exfoliator enters the skin pores & dislodges, while the soap cleans the -surface- of the skin only 👌🏻.

💝FUNCTION: Softens, oxygenates & removes impurities from the skin🌬.

💝APPLICATION: After your cleansing, on wet skin, take a scoop with your fingers, pass under water a fraction of second to moisten the texture & make it "gummiie", rub gently in a circular way, everywhere on your face.

💝ROUTINE: Cleansing, scrub, mask, floral water, serum, cream.

💝FREQUENCY: Exfoliation & masks are only done 1 to 2 X weeks / if necessary 👅.

Extra fine sugar, avocado oil, argan oil, jojoba beads, btms-50, decyl glucoside, cocamydropyl betain, natural fragrance, vitamin e, elderberry extract.