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* Can also be used for the body (not sensitive skin) 💘.

💝FUNCTION: Soften, oxygenate & remove impurities from the skin.

💝ROUTINE: Exfoliation is easily done in the bath / shower & is followed by your moisturizer (Lotion, Cream, Oil or Body Butter: depending on the type & condition of your skin at the moment).

💝 FREQUENCY: 1 to 2 X weeks / if necessary.Quantity: 100 ML 🍶.

** Contains essential oils, therefore not suitable for pregnant women🤰❌.


Shea Butter.
Powder (Volcanic) by Pierre Ponce.
Epsom salt.
Organic olive oil.
cosmetic grade avocado oil.
100% natural & organic odor.
100% natural pigment.
Vitamin E.

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