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Smell: Banana & Red Razpberry, smells like razpberry candies.

🍼🍪 100% Natural & 100% Vegan MOISTURIZING BODY SCRUB 🐻.

The scrub is essential for a skincare routine, because the soap does not replace its function, the scrub enters the skin pores & dislodges, while the soap cleans the -surface- of the skin only 👌🏻.

💝FUNCTION: Softens, oxygenates & removes impurities from the skin🌬.
💝ROUTINE: Exfoliation is easily done in the bath / shower & is followed by your moisturizer (Lotion, Cream, Oil or Body Butter: depending on the type & condition of your skin at the moment).
** Between the exfoliator & moisturizer so you can still make a mask too, the exfoliator allows the mask to penetrate deeper better because it dislodged the skin pores 😉.
💝 FREQUENCY: 1 to 2 X weeks / if necessary.


Shea butter.
Organic olive oil.
Cosmetic grade avocado oil.
Organic cane sugar.
Epsom salt.
Pink Himalayan Salt.
100% natural smell.
100% natural pigment powder.
Vitamin E.