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What is an imperfect product (?)

1️⃣Not the right or the exact number of colors
2️⃣Small dent/ scratch on the packaging
3️⃣Crooked labels
4️⃣Not the good label color
5️⃣Mixed smells that never existed
6️⃣There is a product without fragrance, the staff says it smells super nice, it smells argan
7️⃣ Product that are too full
8️⃣ Product that are not full enough
9️⃣Product that are not aesthetically in our standards
9️⃣ There are treasures of things that we have never sold or that we will never resell!

Imperfect products are worth 20% less than regular products🤑.

Surprizzz boxes are a risk to be taken which is your responsibility 💝.

All the products have been checked, sorted & distributed in the boxes with logic, the products have been as much as possible chosen so that you have different types of odors in your boxes & various products: Body Butter, Scrub, Hand butter, Etc-Etc.

With summer and warmer weather coming back, we want to remind you to go to the post office 2 times a day to check if you have received your package since the melted products will be the responsibility of the customer (: